Our process probably isn't 
what you think it is.
Requirements for qualification change depending on what you're doing with the funds. We strive to match you with the most suitable programs (or underwriting guidelines) to your specific situation.  
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step one
Fill out our 2 minute form
it's quick and simple
Unlike lengthy bank applications that require a ton of financial data, our form requires the very basics.  We don't even do a hard credit pull.  We may ask you for a little more information, but it's an easy process where we try to get you some answers on what kinds of financing options are available to you and what you can expect as far as rates and terms.  Don't sweat it.  We get right to it.
Applications Typically Responded To Within 24 Hours
step two
Choose from hundreds of programs
We're aligned not only with banks, but also hundreds of other 
financing companies.  This enables us to take a wide view of what's out there 
including term loans and lines of credit. Our unique approach lets you see how 
each lender looks at and grades your loan request. Your Underwriting Manager
 will reach out to you and explain what the different options are.  Some programs
 are built for speed.  Others are built for long term cost savings.  

We'll go over them all and let you decide what's best.  
step three
Receive Your Funds
into your bank account
Funding is fast.  Once you're approved and you accepted the loan, we can wire funds to your bank account generally the same day.

Depending on which product you chose to go with the entire cycle can take as little as a few hours
Applications Typically Responded To Within 24 Hours
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